Coleman ISD, Ballinger ISD, Winters ISD and Miles ISD are the four districts that make up the Coop for Special Services. You can access the district websites using the links below:

Front yard of school building.

Coleman ISD- www.colemanisd.net

Ballinger ISD-www.ballingerisd.net

Winters ISD-www.wintersisd.org

Miles ISD- www.milesisd.net

Coop Crew

Darlene Kelly- Office Manager

Martha Pinckey- Diag. Clerk

Kari Calcote-Sped Director

Kristi Cook- LSSP

CISD Diags Vanessa Richards

CISD ARD Facilitators- Joy Thompson, Megan Belew

BISD Diags. Bridget Wakefield / Leesa Pyle

WISD Diag. Jackie Timmerman

MISD Speech/ARD Facilitator- Shay Fischer

Speech: Kay Whitfield (WISD/CISD), Lee Mcklevain(CISD), Rachel Rathmell (BISD), Jennifer Walker

OT- Robbi Hoelscher

PT- Ashley Book- Click her to find PT resources

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