Below you will find links to state and federal required posts and TEA sites that offer support for teachers and parents.

Legal Framework

Legal Framework is a website developed by Region 18 that holds all public school district policy about special education as well as other resources for teacher and parents.

Child Find

Child Find is a federal mandate under the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA).  It requires local education agencies (LEAs), which include public school districts and charter schools, to identify, locate, and evaluate all children with disabilities residing within their jurisdictions who need special education and related services.  (34 CFR §300.111—Child find)

Referral Process

Referral of students for a full individual and initial evaluation for possible special education services must be a part of the district’s overall, general education referral or screening system. Prior to referral, students experiencing difficulty in the general classroom should be considered for all support services available to all students, such as tutorial; remedial; compensatory; response to evidence-based intervention; and other academic or behavior support services. If the student continues to experience difficulty in the general classroom after the provision of interventions, district personnel must refer the student for a full individual and initial evaluation. This referral for a full individual and initial evaluation may be initiated by school personnel, the student’s parents or legal guardian, or another person involved in the education or care of the student.

TEA Statewide Networks

As part of the dissemination of discretionary funds that TEA receives under IDEA-B for state-level activities, TEA provides grants for statewide leadership networks.  Networks address major, thematic topics that are identified as critical technical assistance and support needs for the state. 


Support for parents of students with disabilities.


2021 Updated Dyslexia Handbook

IEP Guidance

Family Dyslexia Update-English

Family Dyslexia Update-Spanish

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